Day Treatment Services

Unity Day Support StaffRehabilitation Services

This is a therapeutic, rehabilitative, social skills building service for individuals with long-term psychiatric and co-occurring disabilities. Our goal is to provide a recovery, empowerment focused environment so that consumers can reside in the community of their choice and live a fulfilled life.

Peer Support

This program provides structured, scheduled activities which promote recovery, empowerment, relapse prevention, socialization, self advocacy, development of natural supports, and the enhancement of community living skills.

Group Training

Group training is offered as a step-down service from Peer Support. It is in this area where consumers put to work the skills they learned in PSR and Peer. Here, more intense interpersonal interactions lead to a culture of learning and skill building. As an example, consumers do not just learn how to open a checking account; they go to the bank and do it. We envision this program to be a more hands-on approach to learning, where the consumer is more integrated into the community while skills are developed and honed. Consumers are encouraged to challenge one another and take acceptable risks in their journey toward independence. This service is directed toward the achievement of specific goals defined by the consumer and specified in the individualized treatment plan.

All day treatment services are provided under the supervision of a mental health professional with adequate staff support to enable a safe, structured environment where consumers can meet and provide mutual support.

These programs meet Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

For more information, please call Kevin Buckley at 478-445-5545.