Family Directions

Our mission is to provide adequate and timely mental health treatment to children and adolescents ages 6-18. We strive to build the skills and resources needed for successful community living and truly believe that we can make a difference in the lives of the youths we serve while meeting all of their basic needs. The staff utilizes cognitive behavior therapy to address the underlying beliefs and thinking of the youth/family in an effort to change behaviors.


Community Support Individual services consist of rehabilitative support, environmental support and resource coordination in order to asses a child and family. We work to create an environment that promotes resiliency and support toward emotional, functional and developmental growth of the child.

The service activities include planning in a proactive manner to assist the child and family in managing or preventing in-crisis situations as well as individualized interventions. These interventions will identify strengths of the child to achieve resilience to barriers that impede development skills, assist in enhancing social and coping skills, and identify strategies to prevent relapse.

Illness self-management is utilized to assist in self-education, self-management skills and in the development of the individual’s own recovery plan. Our staff also helps to develop skills to help them stay well and build self-esteem as they embark upon recovery.

Outpatient services are also available and a few of these include: individualized recovery and resiliency planning, brief intervention, intensive family intervention as well as education, training, and therapy for the individual, group or family.