Who we are…

Oconee Center Oconee Center circle logois a public corporation, designed by Georgia Law as a Community Service Board. In operation for over forty years, the center has services throughout a six county area with its main sites located in Milledgeville. The center’s administrative office is located at 131 North Jefferson St. in Milledgeville Georgia.

During its forty years of existence, Oconee Center has developed broad experience in behavioral health services. This experience covers a wide array of services such as case management, outpatient clinics, community residential options, crisis stabilization programs, and outreach activities. The center has focused attention on integrating its internal services such that many of the services are available across disability lines to a served consumer. The center also focuses on collaborative efforts with the county departments of family and children services, the court system and the Board of Education.

Who are the Board Members?

Our Mission

To provide high quality and cost effective behavioral health care services that meet customer expectations.

Vision Statement

To create an organization that: (1) is recognized by our community and potential purchasers as a worthwhile investment; (2) is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our customers; (3) values employees and governing bodies; and (4) is well managed and solvent.

Our Values

Our value are the basic beliefs about the conditions under which people work best and the core motivators for people. These values guide decisions about the kind of structures, systems, and skills that will be required to reach out mission. Out values are as follows:

At Oconee Center we value the 6 Critical C’s:

  • Consumer\Individual: individual driven
  • Cooperation: team-oriented
  • Communication: reliable consistent feedback
  • Competency: highly trained workforce
  • Commitment: dedication to mission of the organization
  • Compassion: genuinely responsive to our stakeholder’s interests